Food Safety

We know that choosing great ingredients to manufacture a complete diet is paramount to your business. The quality, safety and integrity of the end product is a direct result of those same features for each ingredient used.

Naturally beneficial

Empyreal 75 is a pure, all-natural alternative protein concentrate. We have processing and washing steps in place to reduce the levels of mycotoxins, organophosphates and other compounds. Our strict quality control guidelines help us guarantee that every batch of Empyreal 75 is consistent.

So what you'll be getting is a high-protein, low-ash product that delivers reliable results.


Every precaution is taken when transporting Empyreal 75 to your facility. Empyreal 75 has a dedicated fleet of trailers and railcars specifically designed to move our product safely and securely; taking every possible step to prevent cross-contamination, as well as ensure product availability, when you need it.

Eliminating error

Quality Assurance–We go to great lengths to ensure that Empyreal 75 is manufactured and delivered in the safest way possible. We apply the standards and principles of Codex Alimentarius and implement those standards through prerequisite programs and HACCP, ensuring that Empyreal 75 is an ingredient you can depend on.

By using Empyreal 75, you will get superior and consistent results every time.

In addition to our strict quality control standards and procedures, Empyreal 75 goes through a rigorous process that helps control Food Safety Hazards. The safety programs used in the manufacturing of Empyreal 75 are the same as those programs for food made for people.

Through our process, Empyreal 75 is heated to a minimum of 145 degrees Fahrenheit for no less than 60 minutes. Then it's taken through a drying process to reduce the water activity to less than 0.8 percent. By holding Empyreal 75 at elevated temperatures in the process, we improve stability and extend shelf life.

An objective point of view

External Auditing Process–As part of our dedication to creating a quality protein in a clean and safe environment, we are evaluated on an annual basis by a third-party auditor, benchmarking our processes against the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards.

The auditor performs a site-wide assessment including our facilities, load-out areas, and procedures. Audits evaluate our level of sanitation, food safety perquisite programs, and quality manufacturing practices, helping us to be continually improving our food safety and quality programs.

  • A pure, natural source of vegetable protein.
  • Grown and produced in North America.
  • Proper product heating and washing help destroy bacteria and other harmful organisms.
  • Dedicated transportation ensures product identity and safety.