Empyreal® 75 is an all-natural alternative protein concentrate that provides pet food manufacturers with a unique and consistently pure source of protein for dog and cat diets. It contains 75 percent (82 percent dry basis) protein, produced through a patented process solely from U.S.-sourced grain. This ensures a safe and balanced protein source. Read more »

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We've created the Evaluation Toolbox to help you identify and determine the best use of Empyreal 75 as part of your pet food formulation.

Value Matrix

Our Value Matrix tool can help determine if Empyreal 75 is the right protein source for your specific application.

Value Assessment

Consider our Value Assessment service for a more in-depth evaluation of how Empyreal 75 could enhance your pet food formula.

Custom Solutions

A complete Custom Solution will evaluate how Empyreal 75 will function as part of your exact product formulation. To begin the nondisclosure and confidentiality process, contact us.

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