Kibble Quality

A higher-quality kibble starts with a higher-quality ingredient. Since Empyreal 75 provides a more uniform cell structure through extrusion, you know you'll be getting consistent results from one kibble to the next.

One of a kind

Unlike other sources of corn protein, which can have varying results, Empyreal 75 has superior, consistent extrusion processing performance and provides gluten-like functionality for greater elasticity, binding, coating, commingling with other ingredients, fat binding and expansion while resulting in a smooth surface. All this makes for a strong kibble that won't likely break apart and end up in the bottom of the bag.

Uniformity is just one aspect of Empyreal 75. Overall, our ingredient allows for a more appealing kibble that animals find more palatable.

Empyreal 75 is exactly the kind of product you'd expect from a company that cares about providing a naturally pure and reliable ingredient.

  • Uniform cell structure ensures consistent kibble quality.
  • Superior, consistent extrusion performance.
  • Appealing kibbles translate to greater palatability.