Manufacturing Benefits

There are many benefits to using Empyreal 75 that go beyond what's expected of competing proteins. For instance, less water is required in the extrusion of a product containing Empyreal 75, which translates to reduced drying requirements that result in lower energy consumption.

Superior extrusion functionality results in smoother kibble surfaces with even and fine cell structure.

Longer shelf life

Empyreal 75 is rich in nutrients and possesses a high concentration of natural antioxidants. This benefits the overall health of the animal, while also extending the product's shelf life. Empyreal 75 is shelf-stable for at least six months.

Flexibility in expansion control

Empyreal 75 provides greater control of expansion during the extrusion process. This expansion control provides you with a better tool to ensure you will end up with a product that meets your needs and size preference.

Exceptional commingling

Empyreal 75's properties make it a perfect ingredient for mixing with both animal and other vegetable-based proteins. It has functional and binding characteristics similar to wheat gluten, making it ideal for expansion and extrusion. Superior comingling with other ingredients and the extrusion functionality create a kibble that reduces generation of fines and allows for higher levels of fat inclusion. Since it is not water soluble, it's not highly recommended for most wet applications.


Empyreal 75 is an insoluble protein. But that's not to say it doesn't mix well with other elements. As a matter of fact, Empyreal 75's composition makes it perfect for combining with fats and other proteins with low water requirements for functionality.


Unlike wheat and soy proteins in wet applications, Empyreal 75 is not soluble. Empyreal 75 is likely not a good choice for your wet-food applications if you are formulating chunk and gravy foods, but can work well as a fortifying agent in non-gravy wet foods.

  • Less water is required for extrusion, reducing drying costs.
  • A high concentration of natural antioxidants promotes animal health.
  • Superior extrusion qualities reduce fines and allow greater fat inclusion.