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Empyreal 75 is ideally suited for dry formulations. Its uniform cell structure provides a consistent, uniform kibble with a smooth surface. This improved kibble texture provides improved mouth-feel, making it especially appealing and enhancing palatability.

Empyreal 75 also has an attractive appearance in dry foods. And its low moisture requirement for extrusion reduces energy costs associated with drying during manufacture.


Empyreal 75 is a good choice for semi-moist foods, because it can be mixed homogeneously and assimilated into the diet.


In non-gravy wet applications, Empyreal 75 can be used as a protein fortification ingredient. Empyreal 75 is an insoluble protein, making it less than ideal for many wet food applications, especially gravy formulations.

If you have questions about wet applications for Empyreal 75, please contact us.


Empyreal 75 creates countless opportunities for treat manufacturers. It mixes well with other ingredients, creating a fine texture that can be advantageous in any number of formulations. Its superior extrusion functionality, ability to be used in baked applications and easy digestibility make it ideal for use in treats. Best of all the functionality is easily controlled, providing you the ability to manufacture a range of treats from crunchy to chewy without having to change the protein source or add other processing aids to meet your market needs.

Extrusion functionality, palatability and digestibility make Empyreal 75 a perfect fit for most treat applications.

  • Ideal for dry formulations.
  • Uniform, smooth kibbles enhance palatability.
  • Mixes well in semi-moist foods.
  • Superior functionality, palatability and commingling make Empyreal 75 a great fit into your baked and extruded treat products.