Empyreal® 75. A naturally pure source of protein.
Every shipment. Every time.

Empyreal 75 is an all-natural alternative protein concentrate that provides pet food manufacturers with a unique and consistently pure source of protein for dog and cat diets. It contains a minimum of 75 percent (82 percent dry basis) protein, produced through a patented process solely from U.S.-sourced grain. This ensures a safe and balanced protein source.

Strict quality control measures also guarantee that product uniformity, flowability and nutrient composition will be consistent in every shipment.

And independent research has shown Empyreal 75 is both highly palatable and easy for pets to digest.

After looking through our site and familiarizing yourself with Empyreal 75, we encourage you to visit our Value Matrix section which can help you determine how Empyreal 75 can best meet your specific formulation needs.

  • A pure source of protein for dog and cat diets.
  • Produced through a patented process from U.S.-sourced grain.
  • Strict quality control ensure consistent quality.