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Evolution of Protein for Functional Benefits

Octubre 26, 2022

As a nutritionist, protein in the diet is typically a simple calculation to satisfy amino acid requirements. But there is now a new approach that uses fermentation to get both nutritive and functional benefits from a protein source. But sometimes, a...

BY Keith Mertz

Unexpected Innovation and Market ‘Norms’

Agosto 05, 2021

Innovation is a result of how we see the world around us and how we perceive problems needing a solution. Some forms of innovation are unexpected because the market being served was not demanding a solution. One example of this is the invention of th...

Empyreal® 75 for Livestock Application

Agosto 05, 2021

In recent years, using animal protein such as fishmeal in piglet diets has become more difficult due to the limitation of good fishmeal sources, variable quality and high price. Soybean meal (SBM) has long been used in animal diets as it provides an...

BY Huynh Ngoc Han Nguyen

The Value of Consistency

Agosto 05, 2021

Empyreal 75® and Motiv™ are based on the brand promises of “you know what is” and “you know it will be there”. The cornerstone of our business is to ensure consistent product quality and consistent supply. Consistency is a theme that runs...

BY Michael Klapperich

A Sustainable Protein Concentrate to Help Meet Growing Demand

Mayo 02, 2022

The world’s population is expected to grow to 9.7 billion people by 2050 according to the UN. In parallel to population growth, there is a shift in human consumption that incorporates higher levels of protein that is animal sourced. While the lives...

Trabajos De Investigacion

24-Month Shelf Life Study

Enero 13, 2022

Objective: Evaluate the effect of time, temperature and relative humidity on the stability of Empyreal® 75 over 24 months. 

Methodology: A sample of Empyreal 75 was split and placed into two 18-liter containers. Container one was stored under ambie...

Effects of Empyreal® 75 on L. Vannamei Growth and Production

Marzo 06, 2019

Background: Pacific white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) is the primary shrimp species cultured in farming practices. Development of ingredients such as Empyreal 75 (corn protein concentrate) has provided producers with value-added options to repla...

Empyreal® 75 Digestibility in Cecectomized Roosters

Marzo 06, 2019

Background: Protein digestibility of animal and vegetable origin can be variable due to manufacturing practices and the presence of anti-nutritional factors. To verify the availability of Empyreal 75, an in vivo digestibility study was conducted a...

Empyreal® 75 Amino Acid Digestibility in Ileal-Cannulated Pigs

Marzo 06, 2019

Background: Pigs, as any other livestock, require energy, amino acids, minerals and vitamins for proper growth and development. Which ingredients these nutrients are obtained from are not imperative, as soon as they are digestible, absorbable and a...

Impact of Empyreal® 75 Inclusion in the Diet of the Nursery Pig

Marzo 06, 2019

Background: Stress associated with diet and housing changes can negatively impact the lifetime performance of production livestock. This is especially true of livestock being weaned. In modern swine production, the impact of weaning not only can cau...

Nutrition Analysis

Marzo 06, 2019

Empyreal® 75 is manufactured with a clear purpose in mind. This plant-based, sustainable protein concentrate is specifically designed to benefit everyone in the value chain — from the feed mill, to producers, to the animals themselves. Because of...