The Protein That Gains and Sustains.

Empyreal 75 creates more space in the aquaculture diet by reducing the need for other, more costly forms of protein, such as fish meal or other concentrates. This gives you expanded flexibility to be more creative with your formulations and diet design — so you can deliver higher value products to your customers.

For the animal, Empyreal 75 delivers essential and functional nutrients — and more energy. Animals eat less, but gain weight faster. This decreases the number of days on feed, which means higher productivity for the farm.

A renewable, plant-based protein, Empyreal 75 is the sustainable choice in a changing world.

Benefits for formulation.


  • Better extrusion that holds kibble integrity
  • Superior binding and coating
  • Expansion characteristics
  • Uniform cell structure

Benefits to the animal.

Fish Dials

  • A key source of vital amino acids
  • Highly digestible and low in ash
  • Makes more energy available to the animal
  • Promotes faster weight gain with less food
  • Nutritionally consistent

Excellent physical
properties in water.

Fish Feed

  • Excellent pellet water stability, extending the time the feed is viable
  • Minimal nutrient leaching
  • Minimizes the need for non-nutritive and/or expensive binders in most applications

A natural, corn-protein concentrate that contains a minimum of 75% protein.

Recommended Inclusion Levels


  • Up to 20%


  • Unpigmented:
    Up to 8%


  • Up to 12%
  • Pigmented:
    Up to 12%


  • Up to 20%

Marine Species

  • Up to 20%
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