Empyreal® 75 for Livestock Application

August 05, 2021

In recent years, using animal protein such as fishmeal in piglet diets has become more difficult due to the limitation of good fishmeal sources, variable quality and high price. Soybean meal (SBM) has long been used in animal diets as it provides an excellent source of both energy and protein for poultry and swine. However, soybeans and SBM contain compounds that inhibit the activity of the proteolytic enzyme. They also contain other anti-nutrients, including hemagglutinins or lectins, which contribute to reduce nutrient use and impact gut health. The livestock feed industry in Asia continues to grow, but there is a limit of available protein ingredients. So these countries import large amounts of ingredients from many sources around the world. But the digestibility of crude protein is quite low, causing waste and consequences for growth performance of the animals. This led to more researchers looking for alternatives by using plant protein with minimal antinutritional factors, high digestibility and growth performance. 

Empyreal 75 is a corn-protein concentrate with a minimum of 75% protein, a good amino acid profile, high digestibility, high effectiveness and does not contain anti-nutritional factors. Empyreal 75 can be used in piglet diets to replace a portion of high-quality fishmeal for cost savings while improving growth performance. It will also reduce the diarrhea ratios of the piglets, improve feed consumption, feed efficiency and feed cost when compared to fishmeal. For poultry, feeding Empyreal 75 in diets of laying hens will improve egg production, egg mass, feed conversion ratio, egg quality and improve feed costs for egg production. Empyreal 75 is rich in natural pigmentation such as xanthophyll (minimum 287ppm) and canthaxanthin content. This will lead to an increase in the color score of the eggshell and egg yolk. The pigmentation of Empyreal 75 is all natural, so this pigmentation has a better absorption and accumulation in the egg yolk compared to the synthesis pigmentation. 

In conclusion, using Empyreal 75 can drastically reduce the amount of fishmeal, SBM and the synthesis pigmentation content in livestock formulation. Empyreal 75 is a natural source of pure, corn-based protein. It is economically affordable and absolutely dependable. Empyreal 75 helps to reduce formulation costs and offers more flexibility in diet design, making a powerful impact on the health of animals and profits. Gain more with Empyreal 75.

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